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Welcome to the AAA Pirates
by posted 01/28/2023

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the AAA Pirates. My name is Matt Walden and I will be your son's manager for this upcoming Spring AAA / AVLL Season. This is my second year managing and my seventh season coaching baseball with AVLL. My son William also played and I coached with the Samurai 10U team this past fall season. 


We are very excited to welcome you all - we are looking forward to a great season with our ultimate goal of preparing all these boys for the move up to Majors next season. 


We have a great roster this season - team roster below:


Asher Cato

Luca Costa

Grady Drews

Arjun Desai

Nathan Felix

Jaxson Mejer

Weston Pepper

William Walden

Seth Warren

Christian Weatherly

Nathan Weatherly





A.  Practice - We have two practice slots right now.  They are as follows: 


1) Sundays 8am - 10am on Woodfield #4

2) Mondays 6pm - 8pm on Woodfield #4  


FIRST PRACTICE IS TOMORROW 1/29 @ 8AM - Please make yourselves available to attend.





Please confirm your availability to attend. 


We kicked off our last two seasons with a parents meeting and I find it extremely valuable for as many of you to attend as possible. Bring a jacket - it has been cold down at Woodfield lately. 


Our main goal for the meeting is to understand your goals as parents / players as well as give you a better feel for the expectations that we have as managers and coaches and how you, the parents, can best support our team goals. 


We will have food brought in for the meeting so if you are coming straight from work - don't worry - we will feed you. 


At the meeting, myself and the coaches that step up to the plate, will be available to answer any questions that you may have. We usually get a lot of questions regarding equipment, time commitments, level of play expectations as well as whatever else you all may be interested to learn or ask. I am more than happy to go through it all with you. 






A.  Please confirm that you have received my email so I know it's going to the correct place.  


B.  If there is anyone you want to add to the distribution list (grandparents, siblings, nannies, etc) please email me back (just me) and I will add them. 


C.  ASAP I need to know your weight and height for jersey sizing. If you are familiar with AVLL jersey sizing please let me know which size your child is - we do have a limited number of jerseys - sizing requests will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.


D.  ASAP I need to know two numbers your child would like for their jersey (a primary and an alternate). If I receive two of the same, I will pull out of a hat to break the tie.   




AVLL is an entirely volunteer run organization - including the teams. We need assistance to make this happen. If you know you want to take one of the roles below, please reply back to me directly regarding your availability. 


I ABSOLUTELY need to fill out each of these roles.  It does not take much extra time (other than on-field coaches and umpires) if you're unsure as to what role to volunteer for.  


I need the following volunteers (and yes, they are in order of importance):


A.    ASSISTANT COACHES.  I can only take two officially but the more the better. If you have time we will happily take you and get you working on the field. We need help specifically in the hitting coaching department - someone that feels comfortable throwing soft toss or overhand BP as well as a hitting coach if available. If you have expertise in pitching we will take that as well. 


B.  UMPIRE COORDINATOR.  No, you don't need to umpire the games.  But yes, you will be responsible for texting, email, and bartering to ensure we have umpires.


C.  SCORE KEEPING.  We need two parents.  A primary and an alternate in case the primary is unable.  This is a great way to learn the game and really watch what is happening on the field. We will be utilizing the GAME CHANGER APP - each scorekeeper can easily access our team account on the app and input is quite easy.


D.  FIELD PREP.  We need two parents.  A primary and an alternate in case the primary is unable.  This involves dragging, painting, etc the field prior to game time. 


E.  TEAM PARENT - we only need one! 




A.    After we start the season our practice times will be moved. This move will take place after opening day and we will know the dates prior to opening days. My preference is Mondays. 


B.  If ANYONE on this chain is having issues with drop off or pick ups please communicate.  We can all help each other out.  It's a long season and I don't want anyone stressing over rideshare or timing. I am available as well for getting kids to and from practice. 


C. If your boy does not own a protective cup BUY HIM ONE IMMEDIATELY.  I will not allow your son to participate in any baseball activities without it. A lot of the boys throw hard and may be asked to catch. Protective cups are a must. 


I look forward to meeting you all and working with each of you to produce not only a great baseball team but one that values team building as a principal that we practice every day. 


Best regards,


Matt Walden


(949) 436-3888



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