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AVLL Umpire Access

Aliso Viejo Little League Umpires

If you have any questions on what it takes to be an AVLL Umpire feel free to reach out to the umpires in charge: 

Umpire In Chief  - Tim Brady |

Assistant Umpire in Chief  - Paul Gutierrez |

Most importantly, you must have been approved with a background check and have the appropriate access in the website to umpire games. These efforts must completed each year, so if you have not done either of these, please reach out to Tim or Paul to get this taken care of quickly (links on this page).

To sign up for games please click here on Master Schedule or under Home Plate on the left.  Games that still require an umpire will list will display a drop down box to the right.

Simply click on the drop down arrow and select the umpire position.  You will receive an email confirmation of your volunteer signup.


You can limit the master schedule calendar view to only display games by clicking the check box for "Show games only" at the top of the calendar listings. Also, if you don't see games that you'd expect to see, make sure and clear the filters under the options link on the right side of the page.


Instructions and Videos and Important Links

Umpire Game Sign-Up Instructions


- Send an email to to request a background check start the process of becoming an umpire.

Each coach, administrator, and umpire, or other game official of Little League is required to successfully complete the Heads Up Concussion Training AND the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention education ... at least once, either online or in person, before supervising an athlete in an Little League.  Once the training is complete, please email/submit the certificates to .

CDC Heads Up Training

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Training

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training


District 55 Umpire Page

Little League Umpire Resources

Little League Umpire Training

For The Basics of Umpiring...Check out this short 10 minute YouTube Video.

Umpire Basic Six Field Mechanics

Umpire Positioning - Two Man Umpire Rotation 60' Bases

Umpire Positioning - Three and Four Man Umpire Rotations

Plate Umpire Game Management Tool - "Greene Card"

Significant Rule Updates for 2022

Note: Unless noted otherwise, these apply to all Baseball divisions. The underlined content are the changes for 2022.)


Regulation IV (i), Rules 2.00 and 3.03 (a), Tournament Rule 9 (e) – Mandatory Play/At-Bat Definition. Clarifies the definition of At-Bat, for the purposes of meeting the requirements of Mandatory Play (if applicable), is when a player assumes the position of a batter with no count and one of the following occurs: he/she is retired as a batter; or he/she is retired as a batter-runner; or he/she reaches base and scores; or after he/she reaches base safely, the inning or game ends.

Regulation VI, Tournament Rule 4 – Pitching Days Rest Threshold Exemptions and Notes. Provides clarification that a pitcher’s pitch count for the purposes of day(s) threshold is determined by the first pitch thrown to a batter. The pitcher may not start a new batter once the limit in Regulation VI(c) has been met. An additional exemption has been added to the days rest requirement for pitch count thresholds to allow for a pitcher to be removed from the mound prior to the batter completing his/her at bat to be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold he/she started the batter with.

Rule 1.11 (a)(2); Policy: The Official Shoulder Patch. Updates the Little League Official Patch to reflect that new for 2022, Little League International has established a new, unified patch that reflects all levels of the program. This patch, which matches our new Little League Logo, can be used, regardless of the division of play, on your league’s uniforms. “Rocker patches” that can go above the new patch for all divisions and roles will also be available, for those who wish to add those distinctions to your uniforms. If you league still has patches that have been previously purchased, you do not need to replace those patches, and limited quantities of our previous patches are still available, while supplies last. Additional information can be found at

2022 AVLL Local Rules

Note:  2021 Little League Rulebooks have been received and are located in the umpire shed!

Download and Install the Little League Rulebook App:  Rulebook App - Little League 






AVLL Umpire Policy

Aliso Viejo Little League 2022 Umpire Policy

Revised: February 11, 2022

Umpiring is as important to the successful conduct of a local league program as is managing and coaching. It is also a privilege to work with our children from another perspective.

FIRST and FOREMOST: Umpires are protected. Aliso Viejo Little League realizes that umpiring is a volunteer role and as such, all volunteers should be treated with the upmost respect and courtesy due their position.  Zero Tolerance will apply to all participants and AVLL members during the season of play, and failure to comply with this policy will be met with swift removal from the field and may ultimately result in the loss of membership and participation in the league. 

Basic manager, coach, and parent participation requirements:

  1. UMPIRE VOLUNTEERS: Each AA, AAA, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors Division team will designate a Team Umpire Coordinator (UC)The Team UC will be the designated liaison to ensure their team meets the minimum games required to umpire (per Section 4).  
  2. MINIMUM GAME REQUIREMENTS: Each team is required to cover a minimum of 2 game points per week. 2 game points will be earned for umpiring behind the plate and 1 for doing the basesThis will be tracked weekly.  
  3. ALL MANAGERS IN AA, AAA, Majors, and Intermediate divisions should attend one umpire clinic and MUST umpire 1 game behind the plate or on the bases.  Failure to do so will result in a 1 game suspension. We will be keeping track, but we will not remind you so PLEASE SCHEDULE EARLY!
  4. UMPIRE ASSIGNMENTS:  All Assignments will be coordinated and scheduled through the AVLL.ORG website. Questions can be submitted to the UIC or Assistant UIC. Each Team UC is required to ensure that their team umpire volunteers have registered for the minimum number of games required for coverage. A monthly report of umpire volunteer assignments will be reviewed by the UICs and Commissioners and those teams not meeting the minimum requirements will be subject to manager disciplinary actions outlined below.
  5. UMPIRE CLINICS: It shall be mandatory that all participants in the League’s Umpire Pool, as defined above, attend the Umpire Clinics provided each year designated by the UIC and sponsored by either AVLL at one of our facilities or by another District 55 hosting league.

AA DIVISION BONUS: The two (2) AA teams with the most umpire points, including bonus points, will receive a 1st round bye in the playoffs.  The bottom four (4) teams will have a play-in game preceding the first round, while the remaining four (4) teams will be seeded by random draw.

BONUS POINTS:  Two points will be awarded to each team volunteer who attends the D55 Umpire Field Mechanics clinic.  Two points will also be given to each AA Manager for attending one of the D55 Rules clinics.  One point will be given to each team volunteer who attends one of the D55 Rules clinics after they successfully umpire one game.  We may also have challenges during the year where you can earn bonus points for umpiring certain games or attending clinics.    Bonus points will be applied for the AVLL INCENTIVE PROGRAM and for the AA DIVISION BONUS, but not for the MINIMUM GAME REQUIREMENTS.


T-Ball, Rookie, and Single A, Umpire volunteers should consider umpiring the plate and bases for AA & AAA division games for additional experience prior to moving into the Majors & Intermediate divisions.

League youth who have an interest in umpiring may be assigned at the AA & AAA level as a base umpire for training purposes. These assignments will be coordinated between the AA, AAA Commissioner, and the UIC. 

MAJORS, INTERMEDIATE & JUNIORS Divisions: Only experienced umpires should umpire the Plate and Bases for the upper division games.

Note:  Aliso Viejo Little League officials and directors are prohibited from receiving payment.

Umpire volunteers are strongly encouraged to umpire a game in a division OUTSIDE your own teams’ division, but this is not a requirement. You can umpire within your own division if BOTH managers agree to this.

The above Umpire Pool may be augmented by additional volunteers associated with the League at the UICs discretion.

DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: Any manager in AA, AAA, Majors and Intermediate whose team does not produce the coverage to meet the minimum number of game assignments and/or whose volunteer umpire misses a volunteer umpire assignment will be subject to the following penalties and or actions:

  1. First Offense – Written or Electronic communication sent informing and warning the manager of the infraction if related to a missed assignment. If related to lack of game coverage, manager may be subject to suspension for 24 hours until coverage requirements have been met.
  2. Second Offense – Written or Electronic communication sent informing the manager of the second offense related to missed assignment will be subject to a one game suspension for the manager.
  3. Third Offense – If a team misses 3 umpiring assignments or neglects to provide the necessary coverage whether they are missed by any combination of coach, manager or specified parent volunteer, the offending team manager may be subject to review before the AVLL Disciplinary committee for further disciplinary action.

DRESS CODE: All Aliso Viejo Little League volunteer umpires will be required to adhere to the Umpire Dress Code. You will be required to wear the following when assigned to a game:

  1. A black, AVLL or Little League umpire hat
  2. An AVLL umpire shirt or regulation blue or black umpire shirt with little league patch on the left sleeve.
  3. PANTS: Shorts and T-Shirts WILL NOT be permitted. Jeans are acceptable for bases only. Grey or Black pants are preferred.
  4. Shoes: Closed toe shoes, black in color are the preferred but sneakers will be permitted. Any other form of footwear or sandals WILL NOT be permitted for safety reasons.
  5. All plate gear is to be worn properly under your outer clothing. Make sure that your pant leg will accommodate shin guards and allow for easy movement for your plate assignments.
  6. Clean shirts and protective equipment will be available for game use for those who need them in the Umpire Shed.
Thank you

Thank you for Volunteering !!!

Aliso Viejo Little League