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Thanks **AVLL 2019 Playoffs**


AA has 1 Championship

Game, June 1st Closing Day, 11:00am

AAA/Majors a 2nd championship game if necessary:

  • AAA following day 5/24 @5pm
  • Majors same day immediately after 1st game - 5/24 @7:15pm


Below are links to the 3 playoff division's playoff brackets. 

Link to AA Brackets:  Click t
Link to AAA Bracket:  Click r
Link to Majors Bracket:  Click here

Once you're viewing a bracket, to switch to the other brackets, just change the division on the brackets page.

**  Another way to access the bracke hi ts is to click on the Teams tab, select the division but no teams, then Click on the Teams tab a second time and the "Brackets" link will appear. 


** Please Note:  At this time prior to end of regular season, the brackets are published for dates/times/location information only.  First round seeds will not be final until after the last game of the regular season.  The teams that are currently showing for the first round of the tournament are not necessarily correct as they show the current rankings, but are subject to change before seedings are final.