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To volunteer for an AVLL 2022 All-Star game, please sign up here:

We are grateful for your help!!  Thank you! 


AVLL Host:  arrive 70 mins before gametime (5:20pm for 6:30pm game).  You serve as a Woodfield Host on behalf of AVLL and will need to stay for the duration of the game.  Each tournament game at Woodfield cannot start without the tournament bin (grey bin).  The Tournament Director (TD), who is an official volunteer assigned by the District for EACH game, will need the tournament bin.  They cannot start their role without it. This bin is stored in the Woodfield umpire shed and contains the materials needed for the game such as the scorebook, the tournament binder, foul ball pins, etc.  This bin has been provided by District 55 but we store it in our ump sheds for safe keeping.  The AVLL Host needs to arrive 70 mins earlier to get the bin from the Ump Shed and put it in the scorebooth for the game.  There could be 2 bins as there can be games on both WF4 and WF6.  Sometimes the materials are stored in 1 bin.  You'll need to review the contents and be aware of how many games are being played at Woodfield that day/night.     

The AVLL Host does not have a role with the actual game.  But this volunteer needs to stay at Woodfield for the duration of the game(s).  There can be games where AVLL is not playing and an issue might arise which only someone from AVLL can answer, perhaps something about the fields.  The AVLL Host will be the point of contact to facilitate the issue to the AVLL Board of Directors.  The AVLL Host should know a contact in the AVLL BOD who would then engage with the right AVLL BOD resources with the issue.  

If there are 2 games happening at Woodfield, only one AVLL Host is needed.  We don't need a host for each field.  The AVLL Host should ideally watch the game but can also be at the snack bar or even sitting in their car in the parking lot.   As the AVLL Host, introduce yourself to the game Tournament Director (TD); TDs are an official volunteer role for each game and assigned by District 55.  They will be in the scorebooth and the TD will wear a lanyard that says "Tournament Director".  Let the TD know where you might be on the fields in case there is an issue and they need to contact the AVLL Host.  

Lastly, the AVLL Host should make sure Woodfield is securely locked up at the end of the game.  The AVLL Host should put the grey bins back in the Ump Shed.  The bin should contain all those materials that were in there (i.e. scorebook, foul pins, pens/pencils, etc.)   There are other AVLL volunteers who are taking down the speakers and taking down the field.  Coordinate with them accordingly to make sure sheds are locked for the night.   


Scorebook:  arrive 45 mins before gametime (5:45pm for 6:30pm game / 3:15pm for 4pm game)  

  • * Bring a pencil 
  • Scorebook is very similar to the regular season - nothing to be worried about.
    * Complete the book as you did during the normal season.
    * Add substitutions at the bottom of the scorebook lineup.
    * As managers insert substitutions into the game you will need to note which player is coming in for (subbing in for) which player. The manager will give the information to the plate umpire and the plate umpire will confirm with you and the tournament director what the substitutions are.  You will write the subbed in player's number and name on the scorebook lineup under the subbed out player's number and name.
    * Confirm with the Tournament Director any special notation that is wanted for the book - some tournament directors might keep track on their own and some would like notations in the scorebook.
    * As in the normal season you need to track the pitchers and catchers.  Due to the added players listing you may need to list pitchers and catchers on one line.
    ** you do not need to track and confirm that players have completed minimum play - this is the tournament directors responsibility **
  • * D55 All-Star Scorekeeping Training (assumes you have done scorekeeping in the spring)


Field Prep and Field Take Down/Field Lockup:  need to be COMPLETED 70 mins before gametime (done by 5:20 for 6:30pm game / 2:50pm for 4pm game), paint running lines and coaches box, and put up "caution tape" blocking off dugouts and scorebooth entrance.   Setup the black stantion poles and chains around the scorebooth.  We want to prevent fans to approach the scorebooth and parents should not be approaching the dugouts.  

  • * Example photo of how you block off dug out.  We do this as it's a tournament rule that no one should be talking to the players.  Any communication needs to be done via the Tourney Director.

* This volunteer is also responbile for Field Take Down which includes putting away the bases, cover the mound, lock up the field shed and the green bin (located by Field 5).  The green bin contains all our scoreboard boxes.  It's important to make sure our fields are locked up and safe.  Please also make sure the sheds out in the parking lots are all closed and locked.  


Game Announcer / Scoreboard:  arrive 70 mins before game time (5:20pm for 6:30pm game / 2:50pm for 4pm game) 


Speaker setup/take down:  arrive 75 mins before game time (5:15pm for 6:30pm game / 2:45pm for 4pm game) 

  • * Get 3 chairs for the scorebooth.  Check the umpire shed if chairs are not already in the scorebooth.  
  • * Setup the scoreboard boxes.  Get from the green shed next to Field 5.  Lock code = 2855 (AVLL)
  • * Photo of new scoreboard unit/remote:
  • * Setup speakers and microphone.  These should be stored in the umpire shed.  When looking at the sheds in the parking lot (with Field 4 to your back), this is the first shed on the left. 
  • * Setup the "Umpire Cooler".  Use one of the red coolers from the Snack Bar, fill it with ice and put about 10 drinks (typically water) for umpires.  If you see the Umpires for the game, you can ask if they would like Gatorade for the cooler.  Put the cooler behind the scorebooth but make sure the chains are setup so people know it is not for public use.  PUT THE COOLERS BACK IN THE SNACK BAR.  
  • * Take down speakers and microphone and put back in the umpire shed.  
  • * Take down any stantions and chains that were setup around the scorebooth. Put away any signs Snack Bar signs back into the Ump shed.  Put away any parking signs that were setup by the entrance to the back lot (by Woodfield 5).  

Helpful District 55 All-Stars information can be found here:


Thank you again!!!